About Us

Bmobile SI Ltd is one of GSM operators in the Solomon Islands. It was launched in Honiara on the 31st of August 2010. Bmobile is committed to providing quality, cost effective and cheaper GSM services and products to the people of Solomon Islands. Bmobile currently operates in four provinces across the country, namely Guadalcanal, Malaita, Western, & Central Province and is rolling out its mobile network to the other provinces in the coming years.

Way Forward

Bmobile is commited to improving mobile communication in Solomon Islands and is rolling out it's network to the other provinces in the coming years. Our 3G network upgrade is currently ongoing and starting from early 2014 we're planning are huge network rollout to the provinces with the aim of connecting all the provinces with Bmobile's network.


We have new exciting promotions starting 10th June.

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Check out our latest Tariffs.

We have a reduced our rates for Data, International Calls, and International SMS.

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Bmobile SIM - Preloaded Data

Get a Bmobile SIM card for yourself, already preloaded with DATA!!

1. $800 – 3GB – Three months Validity, Rate: 26 cent/MB
2. $600 – 2GB – Two months Validity, Rate: 30 cent/MB
3. $375 – 1GB - Two months Validity, Rate: 37 cent/MB
4. $250 – 550MB – One month Validity, Rate: 40 cent/MB

The cheapest DATA PLAN in the Solomon Islands!!

Bmobile Roaming

You can now use your PNG Bmobile SIM and Roam in Solomon Islands. Likewise, you can also Roam in PNG using S.I Bmobile SIM.

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